Want to attend?

We know how rough the waters can be in the life of a high school publication adviser. We also understand how much has changed and continues to change in the scholastic journalism classroom. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, our advisers’ course can help smooth the waters for the upcoming school year. Advisers will share and develop ideas on teaching strategies, marketing, law, ethics, grading and motivating students. We have also partnered with JEA to bring even more value to your FHPW attendance. Read more about that partnership here.

To make it easier, we wanted to give you options. Although high school students are required to stay in the hotel under our supervision, advisers have a choice.

  • Single occupancy room to yourself, plus tuition and meals  –  $399 – or $450 after June 15.
  • Double occupancy room with another adviser, plus tuition and meals  –  $299 – or $350 after June 15.
  • Commute to camp each day and only pay for tuition and meals  –  $199 – or $250 after June 15.

_KSU3124Just sending students?

Not coming yourself and just sending students? That’s perfectly fine with us. Your students will be in good hands. From the time they arrive to the time they leave, we’ll have them actively engaged in camp activities or safely in their hotel room (with hall monitors keeping a close watch overnight).