FHPW + JEA = Success

We are extremely excited to maintain our relationship with JEA. The first of two unique benefits from this connection will be the advising track instructor. JEA has a membership of incredible advisers spanning the country. Each year, as a part of this partnership, we will bring in a JEA member to help guide you through the challenge of scholastic publication supervision. They have been in your shoes and know how to navigate the journalism classroom and will teach you how to take advantage of all JEA resources.

The second unique benefit for advisers attending the Flint Hills Publications Workshop is a one-year membership to JEA. You read that correctly. You will receive the membership benefit by simply attending our summer workshop and learning from one of the best advisers in the country. The benefit of JEA for advisers is immeasurable. Among some of the more notable advantages is access to nearly 200 weeks worth of curriculum across 11 content areas. You will also receive the quarterly journal, Communication: Journalism Education Today. 

If you are looking to become a successful scholastic journalism educator, or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to gain new media skills, look no further. Attend our workshop and leave equipped with both the knowledge and tools to guide you through the next year of advising.