Laramie Hall – From sheep rider to soccer and everything in between

By Lillian Mulder
Sports Writing Track
St. James Academy


Lillian Mulder and Avery Colbert interview K-State athletes and coaches through exclusive access in the Sports Writing Track at FHPW 2019.

Kansas State midfielder Laramie Hall spends most of her time playing soccer for the Wildcats.

But one of her favorite childhood memories has nothing to do with soccer – mutton busting.

“It’s really weird,” Hall said. “They put you in the chute with the sheep already in there, shut the door you get situated and then the door is opened. And you ride the sheep.” 

Hall would travel 45 minutes each way to her nearest rodeo and win money for her mutton-busting skills. 

But riding sheep and soccer were not the only sports Hall played at a young age, although she said soccer was her first. 

“It was actually a funny story… my first soccer game was co-ed, so at my first game I was out there on the field and I walk up and kiss this boy that was on the other team. My mother was mortified,” said Hall, who is from Oklahoma City. 

Hall was part of Kansas State’s first women’s soccer team.

Most important to her is the relationships she has built with her teammates. They spend 10 hours a week year-round together for training and practice.

“It’s a support system, because they are really the only people that truly know what you are going through,” Hall said.

She has found a core group of people, inside and out of the soccer scene, as well. 

She has also found a life filled with Jesus living through her. It’s not easy because the atmosphere of college can lead people a certain way.

“Don’t fall into that trap,” she said. “I did and it was awful. You have to make your college experience what you want. Make it the best you can, and make it last as long as possible. And keep your goals in mind.”