Adviser Track-Emily Smith-Pittsburg High School

All advisers attending this session will receive a one-year membership to JEA, which includes access to the JEA journalism curriculum.

Advisers will also benefit from CJE Emily Smith advising this strand. Smith takes over this strand after leading the Leadership and Media Management strand the past couple years at our Flint Hills Workshop. Smith serves on the KSPA board and her students have won dozens of awards both in-state and nationally through JEA. Smith is also a Jackie Engel award winner through KSPA.

Regardless if you’re a new adviser or a seasoned-veteran, all journalism teachers will leave our workshop more prepared than ever to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving scholastic journalism classroom. Smith will give you everything you need-and then some!

***New to 2019-Drone journalism/Video Track-Nick Homburg-A.Q. Miller School of Journalism***

For the first time in the history of the Flint Hills Workshop, drone journalism will be offered with Journalism and Mass Communication’s very own, Nick Homburg. Homburg has spent time as a freelance photographer, worked on several documentaries and is accomplished photojournalist. His speciality lies in portraiture, fashion photography and corporate video.

In the new Drone journalism strand, students will learn the basic functions and technique of flying drones and how the technology can be incorporated into their own publications. Homburg will also spend time teaching proper video storytelling techniques and how the usage of aerial drone footage can take your high school news or feature show to the next level.

Visual Communications-J.D. Garber and Shelby Dinkel-Salina Central High School

New to #FHPW2018 is the dynamic duo of Garber and Dinkel from 5A heavyweight Salina Central. Last year, the two helped the program win their first 5A sweepstakes at the KSPA state contest in May.

Most importantly-these two (and their publications staffs) know design. Check it out here.

Their design seminar will give you general design concepts, some of the trendiest design tips for 2018 accompanied with newspaper and yearbook trends that are sure to take your publication design to a whole new level. This class aims to give you inspiration for your next “theme” for your newsmagazine/newspaper and/or yearbook. This class is truly hands on learning; bring an SD card/hard drive and 3-5 of your favorite magazines for this strand.

Storytelling-Kristy Nyp-Manhattan High School

Working fifteen years in the media industry prior and now almost a decade of journalism teaching, Kristy Nyp knows how to teach effective storytelling and consistency in writing needed for your high school newspaper, newsmagazine or yearbook. The proof is in the pudding; Nyp spends most of her free time reading and analyzing anything she can get her hands on. This includes books, movies, articles, social media posts and public signs. “Bookworm” would be a supreme understatement!

Through this strand, you will become a storyteller for your school. Learn the art of telling stories through effective journalistic principles. Students will explore the concepts of lead writing, interviewing, story structure and much more. Master techniques to grab the reader’s attention from the first sentence and hold on to them to the last. If you want to become a writer and tell the stories that need to be heard about your community and students, then check out our Storytelling track with the word wizard, Kristy Nyp.

Leadership and Media Management-Jessica Bowman-Hillsboro High School

Jessica Bowman just happens to be an expert on what makes a great leader; she currently serves as the president for the Kansas Scholastic Press Association.

We feel very confident that Bowman can make a better leader out of your student journalists at #FHPW2018. This session is built to teach you the skills to become a leader on your publication staff. Whether you lead a team of 5 staff members or 50, this session covers leadership skills, staff organization, morale and motivation. By the end of camp, you are fully equipped with materials and skills to return to school and charge into battle.

Photojournalism-Cary Conover-Andover High School

Enthusiasm? Check. Photo experience? Plenty. Enthusiasm to teach new photographers? Off the charts!

Cary Conover just happens to be one of the best photography instructors in Kansas. Through our photojournalism strand, students will learn how to improve their photo skills by shooting under various conditions and preparing photos for publication. A digital camera is required for students who wish to participate in this course. Learn how to make deeply impactful photographs by taking control of your camera settings and capturing the defining moment. Photographers will also get exposure to studio lighting techniques and Photoshop tips and tricks.

Sports Writing-Joanna Chadwick-Derby High School

Derby adviser Joanna Chadwick has been published thousands of times in the Wichita Eagle, where she spent over 20 years as a sportswriter. Her husband is a basketball coach, and her three sons all play sports throughout the year.

It’s safe to say Chadwick has sports running through her blood.

Learn how to write a pivotal game-breaking sports news story. Understand the craft of writing a detailed feature on a special athlete in your high school. Prep yourself for that tough interview and the questions you need to be asking. Craft your social media skills to pull stronger traffic to your publication’s Twitter and online news website. Your school’s sports coverage must be diverse, detailed and more plentiful than ever to attract the right audience. Chadwick will guide you to sports writing victory in just 2.5 days at our camp.