Our vision-high school journalism matters more than ever.

Student scholarship deadline is Friday, June 19 at 5:00 p.m.

The Flint Hills Publication Workshop, in cooperation with the A.Q Miller School of Journalism at K-State, knows that high school journalism matters in our state. We believe in giving an opportunity to all high school journalists to be a part of our summer experience in Kedzie Hall.


What scholarships do we offer?

Through the generosity of the A.Q Miller School of Journalism, The Collegian Media Group will be offering six full-ride student scholarships to our journalism workshop, July 14-16, 2019, to cover tuition, room and board and food throughout your stay at the Flint Hills Publication Workshop.


Two 1st Generation Student Scholarship

Our 1st generation student scholarships are aimed at high school sophomores and juniors who will be the first in their family to attend a college/university in the foreseeable future.


Two Diversity Scholarship

This specific scholarship promotes equal journalistic opportunities for minority students; this includes race, cultural background and sexual orientation.


Two Need-Based Scholarship

We at the Collegian Media Group believe that all student journalists should have the ability to better themselves professionally through our summer journalism camp, and this scholarship targets students whose families have experienced financial hardships in the past year or two.


What do I need to apply?


Here are the requirements to apply for any of our scholarships.


Personal Statement/Journalism Goals Essay


Why is journalism important to you? How will journalism be a part of your academic future? This portion of the application is crucial when awarding each scholarship. Please describe your life and personal circumstances that allow you to qualify for one of the above scholarship opportunities. It should be typed, written in full sentences and be under 750 words.


Letter of Recommendation


Please include one letter from your high school media/journalism adviser. This could also come from a language arts teacher at your school. The deadline is June 19, 2020. It can be delivered by email to John Walter-[email protected]


Where do I apply?


The online application can be found here


Below you can find our Flint Hills Publications Workshop Scholarship winners through the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.


2018 Workshop
Chloe Brown-Derby High School-Adviser-Joanna Chadwick
Avery Colbert-Clearwater High School-Adviser-Kris Keeling
Eric Ramirez-Wichita West High School-Adviser-Jake Wilken

2019 Workshop
Chloe Brown, Derby High School-Adviser-Joanna Chadwick
Cerah Handsaker, Andover Central High School-Adviser-Julie Calabro
Katie O’Keefe, Olathe West High School-Adviser-Julia Walker
Matt Olson, Newton High School-Adviser-Robin Montano
Lane Phifer, Pittsburg High School-Adviser-Emily Smith
Sophia Walker, Bartlesville High School-Adviser-Darla Tresner


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