There’s no questions that the next generation of 21st century journalists can be found at our summer journalism camp in Manhattan. The journalism skills and communication training that we provide to high school journalists not only prepares them for their scholastic year, but provides a venue to continue their interest well after their four years in high school.


You can help them succeed. With the competition more fierce than ever to land a spot in a high school student’s summer schedule, we are needing some additional help from our local Manhattan community, alumni of the Flint Hills Workshop and supporters of scholastic journalism to take our camp to the next level. Your donation to our summer journalism camp would be provide immediate help to improve the campus experience, student entertainment and overall journalism training our campers receive during their time in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism


Like gifts for scholarships, your financial support for our operating budget is tax-deductible. Specifically, we’re looking for two types of donations. We are looking for (1) more sponsored meal/snack for campers during their 2.5 day stay. Another fitting option could be a gift card to Walmart or Dillons to help with general supplies for our camp that include food utensils, water for campers and other knick-knacks that fill in the little details of our campers K-State experience. Lastly, a cash donation will be used in the same fashion as a gift card to Walmart or Dillons for general camp supplies.


Want to help improve the overall quality of our journalism camp at K-State?

Click here to contribute to #FHPW18


2018 Sponsors
A.Q Miller School of Journalism-(3) scholarships to Flint Hills Publication Workshop 2018
Journalism Education Association-One-year membership for camp advisers
Papa John’s-lunch sponsor for camp
Larry and Kelly Womack-Wichita, KS-$500 donation
Joan Barrett-Denver, CO-$300 donation
Susan Edgerley-New York, NY-$50 donation
Tom Bell-Salina, KS-$100 donation
Steven Physioc-Author-Kansas City, MO-$100 donation


If your employer offers matching gifts, please ask to have yours matched. Collegian Media Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit under the IRS Code. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Spencer O’Daniel

Flint Hills Workshop Director



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